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Forklift power performance is one of the highest technical level indicators to measure product

 Forklift performance is one of the highest technical level indicators measuring products, it includes the dynamic properties of the engine itself and the engine power transmission system comprehensive performance of two parts. Is the power source of the forklift truck engine, it is a form of energy into mechanical energy of the machine. Machine heat energy into mechanical energy, called heat engine, and the function of which is produced by combustion. The engine of the forklift used for heat engine.

It is gasoline, diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and methanol as fuel. Engine work mainly completed jointly by several big system: air intake system, exhaust system, fuel system, lubrication system and cooling system. We call the engine forklift's heart, therefore, the engine for the significance of a forklift. At present, the industrial vehicles matching engine with new wood, weichai, cummins, according to Mr. Tao, perkins, isuzu, horses, etc.
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