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Electric hydraulic forklift calculating do not calculate special equipment

Half electric transport goods fork is one of the important factors, affect the price of half electric truck, apply the standard length of commonly, if you need more wide, can negotiate and businesses demand. Hydraulic oil cylinder is the main component of manual hydraulic half electric truck, be sure to focus on seeing the type of oil cylinder, the whole oil cylinder, oil cylinder or welding. Half electric truck wheels also want to carefully survey, wheel production material to use effect and service life has a great influence, especially under the condition of the ground condition is bad.
 Electric hydraulic forklift raising commonality, moving platform to the user without any increase in investment under the premise of give full play to the efficiency of the device itself, can get more work done. Will pay more attention to human ergonomics, and improve the electric hydraulic forklift manipulation comfort.

Forklift belongs to special equipment, so half electric hydraulic forklift and special equipment.
Hydraulic carrier principle is: first the diesel oil tank for diesel oil filter, and then to oil pump, oil pump oil to the nose, exploded on the piston, the piston movement, power transmission to the following main shaft, and the rotation of the driven gear, through the flywheel, to wave box, the inside of the drive gear running and has been connected to the wheel, so you move.
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