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The forklift truck industry in our country is in rapid growth

Worldwide, are at the mature products and forklift forklift industry, and products and forklift forklift truck industry in China is still in its development, consciousness of users and enterprise research and development, ability still backward, product use scope and usage has not been enough to expand. Foreign users and enterprises to consider how the forklift with better, to seek a better solution, and the majority of users in China is also considering is the use of human or use forklift truck. With the high-speed development of economy in our country, in recent years Use machinery to replace human become an inevitable trend, the main reasons: one is the rising cost of manpower; The second is the labor productivity will enhance enterprise competitiveness; Three is along with the rapid development of economy, enterprises have economic ability to mechanization. Under the trend of production mechanization, broad prospects for future demand for China's forklift, we expect the future demand for China's domestic forklift will remain more than 30% of rapid growth.

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